Business Intelligence

Insights Enterprise offers its customers and partners rock solid and effective solutions…

Business Development

We offer our customers and partners business consultancy services, in order to…

Project Management

We offer our customers many years of experience gained in managing projects…

Data Cleansing

Insights Enterprise offers its customers and partners data cleansing and patterning services,…

Customized Applications

Customizing our solutions has its origin in the fact that every customer,…

Data Mining

Our past experience proved that nothing reflects better our clients’ succes than…

About Us

Insights Enterprise is the result of the fulfillment of an idea emerged following several years of thorough observation and assessment of the Romanian business climate. We have seen tremendous efforts allocated to small things, delayed reactions caused by the lack of information at the right moment, countless wasted resources lots of missed opportunities. Insights Enterprise was born from the desire to offer other people, clients or co-workers, the privilege of quick and correct decisions as well as the benefit of a deep understanding of business realities.

Our Skills

Data Cleansing & Data Mining
Customized Applications
Business Intelligence
Business Development
Project Management



Our Vision

At Insights Enterprise we believe that any business, regardless of its nature and size, must benefit from the power of technology and the access to accurate sources of information. This is the reason why we make the most advanced data processing technologies and the most varied resources that are certified and audited, accessible for everyone. At Insights Enterprise we believe that which is important it is not the price, but the value that our clients receive. The price-quality ratio is in advantage for our customers and is guaranteed.


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